For over 50 years, we have processed the highest quality, award-winning wild rice and blends.

Today, Floating Leaf Fine Foods exports Canadian wild rice to foriegn markets; EU countries, Japan, Israel , Brazil, South Africa and more recently to Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong.,

We are HACCP and GMP and BRC compliant, our customers assurance of food safety, traceability and quality. Our facility located in the heart of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, is equipped with automated packaging equipment and length grading equipment to meet our customers unique specifications.

Our ambition is to continue to expand our export offering to include our 5 star restaurant quality wild rice products and blends to the food service and bulk markets around the world in a responsible and consistent manner, creating lasting relationships along the way.


USA wild rice Grade A large, Medium
USA wild rice Grade B Large, Medium
USA wild rice Grade C

Canadian wild rice certified organic
Grade A Large, Medium
Grade B Large , Medium

Broken wild rice

Custom Blends
Canadian Hulled Hemp Seed
Flax Seed
Quick Cooking Barley

Size, 907 kg , 22.64kg, 11.34kg



Floating Leaf Fine Foods has passed the Canadian Food Inspection Agency certification requirements according to D-15-04: Audit Based Compliance Program for the Export of Canadian Wild Rice to China.

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