One Pan Mexican Quinoa and Rice

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One Pan Mexican Quinoa and Rice


This One Pan Mexican Quinoa and Rice will become a new staple in your household! The base recipe requires only a handful of ingredients, and simmers in 1 pot. Top with veggies, avocado, or herbs, based on what you have on hand. A great vegetarian quinoa recipe for busy nights!

One pan Mexican Quinoa topped with peppers, onions, avocado, cilantro and lime wedges.

Thank you to our partner, Michelle at Sunkissed Kitchen, for sharing this delicious gluten free and vegetarian meal with us! We love healthy meals that also cut down on time in the kitchen.

A One Pan Vegetarian Dinner

This easy meal is one that once you try it, it will become a part of your normal dinner rotation.

Perfect for meatless Mondays, but I certainly don’t need a Monday to create a grain and legume masterpiece for dinner.

Top it with cheese, and your whole family will be asking for this meal again and again!

The particular magic of this dish is a new rice and quinoa blend that I found. Floating Leaf’s Prairie Blends are wholesome mixes of wild rice, brown rice, quinoa, millet and legumes – either lentils, split peas, or sprouted beans. I love that they’ve taken grains already high in protein, and bolstered them with additional plant power.

The one I chose for this dish is the Sprouted Brown Rice, Split Pea & Quinoa, which is a mix of sprouted rice, quinoa, millet, split peas, and wild rice. Such a gorgeous celebration of vegetarian power foods!

Floating Leaf produces a wide range of whole grain and legume products, all designed to make it a little bit easier to bring delicious, nutritious, quality food to your table.

They are perfect for anyone on a gluten free diet (most products are certified gluten free), but also for anyone looking to improve their overall health through a healthy diet with lots of plant proteins.

Save Time in the Kitchen – Fewer Dishes!

I’ve elevated a typical Mexican Quinoa dish by loading it up with plenty of veggie toppings. I love sautéed peppers and onions, so those were a must for me.

To make this dinner all in 1 pan, I quickly sautéed the onions and peppers while preparing the other ingredients. Once the peppers and onions were browned, I removed them from the pan, and added the quinoa and rice blend, vegetable broth, crushed tomatoes, kidney beans (you can also use black beans or pinto beans!), and corn cut from the cob. Stir in some sea salt and spices, and then add a lid and let the pot simmer.

Once the rice had absorbed all the liquid, I gave it a quick stir, and then added a layer of cheddar. Nothing brings the family to the table like a thick layer of melty cheese!

One Pot Mexican Quinoa topped with a melted cheddar cheese.

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One Pan Mexican Quinoa topped with avocado, tomatoes and peppers.

This recipe uses Floating Leaf’s Prairie Blends. We recommend using either the Sprouted Brown Rice, Split Pea and Quinoa, or the Sprouted Crimson Lentils, Wild Rice and Quinoa in this dish. An image showing the 3 Floating Leaf Prairie Blend products.

Our products are available online, and also at the following grocers. Be sure to check out our wild rice, our grain and legume blends, and our gluten free rice pasta and pancake mixes!

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One Pot Mexican Quinoa and Brown Rice, a healthy vegetarian meal full of plant proteins!